aka " The B's"

Blues Sables Tricolours

Am. Can GCh. Zesta Winning Colours - 'Derby'

Ch. Zesta Paw Patrol - 'Everest'

Ch. Zesta Tried N’ Blue - 'Dylan'

RBIS MBPIS GCH Zesta Callisto - 'Cian'

Ch. Zesta Juno Blue- 'Juno'

Ch. Zesta Peek a blu - 'Marnie'

Can Ch Zesta So Fashionablu - 'Fashion'

Ch. Zesta Winds of Change - 'Eva'

Can Ch. Zesta Raise Your Glass - 'Cheers'

Can Ch. Chelson Zesta Border Crossing - 'CC'

Ch. Zesta Rich and Savory - Caramel

AM/CAN Ch. Zesta Winds of Change - Eva

Ch. Zesta Hallowed Dreams - 'Hailey'

Ch. Zesta Opalescent - 'Opal'

Ch. Zesta Found Yer Treasure - 'Reggie'

Ch. Zesta Dynasty - 'Dyna'

Ch. Zesta Get Yer Shine On - 'Georgia'

Ch Zesta Euphoria - 'Rory'

MBPIS Can GCh Zesta Hello Forever - 'Scotti'

Ch. Zesta Mystery To Me - 'Clue'

Ch. Zesta Set It Off - 'Jada'

Ch Zesta Risque - 'Risque'

Ch. Zesta Party Favour- ‘Fave’

BPIS BPISS Can Ch Zesta Enchanting Calypso - 'Cali'

Mystic Lady’s Secret - 'Secret'

Ch. Zesta Fit For Fun - 'Lucie'

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