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ZESTA Shelties was founded in 1973 by myself - Laura Thompson and has been involved in the showing and exhibiting of Shelties ever since however our breeding program did not start until 1983. In 2004, Jenn & Gabe deBoer came on board to assist and in 2009 were made partners in Zesta for their love and contributions to our Shelties! Together we have finished and/or produced over 150+ Canadian Champions as well as numerous performance, obedience, international and specialty winning Shelties. 

The primary goal of Zesta is to breed Shelties according to the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) standard and produce a quality family pet first and foremost. I believe that we have accomplished this and more. We have been truly blessed by the wonderful homes and friendships that we have made and continue to make with each new litter of pups or shows that we attend.

I (Laura) am a licensed CKC Conformation Judge since 2002 for the Herding Group that includes Shelties and Collies, Working and Toy Groups. I have now started working on the first half of the Sporting group, permitting these breeds in 2016. I have had the opportunity to have judged many specialties and have been nominated to judge the Canadian National Specialty in 2012. I had the prestigious honour to judge specialties and all breed shows in which had many quality exhibits around the world –Australia (Sydney, Adelaide & Brisbane), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and China (Bejiing). I am also a licensed CKC Rally Obedience judge.

I am always thrilled to learn about new breeds and what they were bred to do, continuing education is such an important aspect of not only judging but of being a knowledgable and a better Breeder. 

Zesta Shelties has two locations the home base located southwest of the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The house and kennel resides on a 1/4 section of land. And just 15 minutes northwest is home to the deBoer’s.

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