The Shetland Sheepdog - Information About the Breed

People own dogs to fulfill one or more of the three basic desires;

  • Companionship for themselves or their children;
  • Competing and winning at dog shows (titles awarded);
  • And/or proving superior performance and intelligence at obedience trials.

Now few owners find it possible to engage themselves and their dogs in all three activities. But a breed that functions well in all three makes a better pet, a finer show dog or a superlative obedience performer. The pet that may never compete for prizes is a more delightful companion if he has the spirit derived from the herding instinct, the beauty and bearing of a show dog and the demeanour of natural obedience.

The Shetland Sheepdog better known as the "Sheltie" or "Toonie Dog", has proven himself competent in gratifying any and all of the dog owners exacting desires - as the following will amply testify.

As a pet/companion, in the house or backyard the Sheltie is unsurpassed. Their even temperament, devotion, quiet manner, ease of care (line brush with mist thoroughly on a bi-weekly basis) and training, health, beauty and fondness for children make him an ideal companion.

His style and grace satisfy the most discerning eye. They are as steadfast in their faithfulness to their master as they are to herding in the field. The Sheltie that has a natural instinct to herd MUST BE TRAINED NOT to give chase to running children, bicycles and cars. He is convenient in size and clean.

They are not pugnacious. They like other dogs and always display good manners in playing with them. While he enjoys the rough and tumble of canine fellowship, let another dog attack him and he will defend himself with courage and strength one finds amazing in such a gentle animal.

The Sheltie has no food idiosyncrasies, no mental quirks, and no particular physical susceptibilities. Bitches of this breed are what dog experts call "easy whelpers" and "good mothers".

The Sheltie is adaptable - to one person or a large family - to the young or the aged - to the north or the south of the equator - to a small apartment or a thousand-acre ranch. In fact, much nonsense has been said and written about the Shelties need for wide-open spaces. Above all, he finds his greatest happiness and fulfillment in human companionship. City, suburb or country - it matters little to the Sheltie where he lives as long as he lives with someone he loves.

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