Ch. Zesta Sportin' Blue Ra

Gone but never forgotten 
It is with the heaviest of hearts that just 20 days after his 14th birthday we said goodbye to Can Ch Zesta Sportin' Blue ROMC CGN RN Sport passed away just before midnight last night in his favourite spot. There is almost not a single thing we do during the day that he would not get scolded for barking at. Blow drying my hair, tapping my makeup brush, swatting at a fly, yelling at a cat, and the list goes on, needless to say our house is gut wrenchingly quiet today and he has left a huge hole. He was such a spitfire in our lives and kept us in the poor house with his no fear attitude. From being bitten in the neck as an 8 week old pup to eating mouse poison as a 6 month old to his nasal reconstruction surgery as a 7 year old. He was slow and sore in his old age but still fetched the ball first even when it meant he would be limping for the next 3 days afterwards. At 14 Sporto would still keep up to William in the yard and was his best friend, it breaks my heart that Violet will never get to play with our blue firecracker. Rest easy old boy and we will cherish your paw prints upon our hearts


 Ch. Zesta Any Which Way You Can Ch. Zesta Queen of Swords


Sport Sport

Sport is co-owned with resident star handlers Jenn and Gabe deBoer.
Sport had a great time at the CSSA National 2004 in New Brunswick. Sport finished his championship March 05. 

Congratulations to the Scott's and Seifried's of Blueshadow's  Shelties on their 1st homebred Champion!!

View pedigree at Sheltie Pedigrees Online and search on Zesta

Champion Offspring:
  1. Ch. Zesta Sportin' Attitude (Tyson)
  2. Ch. Zesta Cinderella Story (Cinder)
  3. Ch. Blueshadow's Moonbeam (Nya)
  4. Ch. Zesta Blacken Blue (Vanna)
  5. Ch. Zesta Wanna Be Blue (Abby) CDX RA
  6. Ch. Zesta Highland Storm Ryder (Ryder)
  7. Ch. Zesta Truly Wicked CD RA AGN (Dayna)
  8. Ch. Blueshadow's Black Velvet (Keeley)
  9. Ch. Zesta Love Medicine-Trick
  10. Ch. Zesta Tried N’ Blue-Dylan



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