Ch. Zesta Showin' It Up ROMC CGN HIC

March 18, 2007-February 12, 2021

AM/CAN Ch. Grandgables Let's Show Off ROMC x Ch. Zesta Snoops ROMC

Can Ch Zesta Showin' It Up ROMC, Jet has left a huge hole in our hearts today. Jet was our resident greeter to anyone that entered our house. For the last year he was the one affectionately known as "hey HEY JET Quiet!! Sorry, he can't hear me for me to tell him to be quiet!!" Or "HEY JET, get off their lap" or "Leave them alone, they can pet other dogs"

Jet Jet the housepet was the dog that everyone wanted to take home!! He pushed and pushed for affection and of course one pet from anyone was NEVER enough he always tried for more and would scan the room for a free hand to rest on his head!! He truly loved everyone he ever met!!!
Jet finished his championship very quickly but not without a big bang!! Literally, it was the CKOC dog show at the Big Four building in Calgary, AB

Gabe de Boer was showing him for Best of Winners under James Reynolds, on the last go around Gabe clipped the metal placement marker and kicked it up and it hit the concrete pillar with a BANG BANG CLING BOOM!! Jet didn't even break stride but Gabe was a bright red

Jet and I ventured to our first ever ASSA in 2008 together!! He was my very first dog that I was awarded a national class placement on!!!

He told us off every morning when we let him outside with a bark bark!!! He always took his time and didn't like being rushed.

He LOVED his fruit!! Not once but twice he almost choked to death on half eaten apples the kids left lying around. Last time he actually passed out and turned blue, Gabe had to do compressions and administer oxygen to revive him on none other than "National Black Dog Day" He was a table food thief, anytime anything edible was left on the living room table it was fair game in his eyes.

Our house is much quieter today for sure. You are missed so much my little jetskeeter. Our resident welcoming committee will never be the same. You lived a life without conflict always being the distinguished gentleman. Bark it up ole man, we'll be listening


View pedigree at Sheltie Pedigrees Online and search on Zesta

Jet placed 4th in the 12-18 month AOC class at the American National. Jet is our exciting son of the ASSA- National Winners Dog - Dallas bred to our fantastic moving and conniving little girl Snoops. Jet was the 3rd from this litter to come out and does it in style and finishes just as fast as his littermates Quake and Laila.

Gabe and Jet finishing in fine style with a Best of Winners and Puppy in Breed. This is Gabe's first champion!!

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